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Spacing, Misaligned and Fractured Teeth

Missing teeth and other problems

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...Light to Moderate Stains, go to the section on Bleaching or Microabrasion ...Moderate to Severe Stains, go to the section on Bleaching, microabrasion, Bonding, or Porcelain Laminates ...Spacing, Misaligned teeth, and Fractured teeth, go to the section on Bonding or Porcelain Laminates
...Replacing Silver Fillings (Amalgam), go to the section on Porcelain Inlays/Onlays
...Replacing Ugly Crowns, go to the section on Crowns
...Replacing Missing Teeth, go to the section on Tooth Replacements

About the photographs you will see on this Web site
The before and after photographs on this Web site are of patients who were treated by Dr. Berman.

The photographs are not retouched. The improvements you see in the photographs are exactly the improvements that were actually achieved with cosmetic dental techniques. In many of the photographs you will notice that not all of the cosmetic problems were treated. This was because of patient preference. Many times patients have a single complaint about their appearance. Dr. Berman feels strongly that treatment of cosmetic problems is patient dictated. It is the Dr.'s responsibility to provide the knowledge of the materials and techniques and to inform the patient of the pros and cons of each technique, but not to decide what areas are addressed. Dr. Berman believes that it is his responsibility to inform the patient about the functional and health issues of their mouth. He works to achieve an outcome that results in naturally beautiful teeth, blending imperceptibly with their surrounding environment. No matter what the procedure, Dr. Berman works to achieve a result that naturally relates to its environment, i.e.. a modern piece of furniture would look out of synch in an ornate 17th century cathedral. Each patient has unique tooth morphology and markings. Dr. Berman recreates these attributes in his restorative work, If a patient wishes to change some of the natural attributes of their teeth, Dr. Berman will work to help create those changes as long as they do not compromise function or health.

The photographs are copyrighted by Dr. Berman, and may not be reproduced without first contacting Dr. Berman and obtaining written permission.

In some screens you will see photographs outlined in a blue border. These are thumbnails of the actual photo and if clicked, will jump you via hyperlink to the full size photograph.