Replacing Bonding

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This patient had old bonding on her right central incisor which was discolored and was wearing away.  It was a simple one visit procedure to remove the old bonding and replace it with a suitable color composite resin filling.  This new filling should have a life expectance between five and ten years.

As evident in this gentleman's preoperative photograph, he had old discolored bondings in most of his front teeth.  He was not unhappy with the overall color or positioning though.  In this series of photos I only replaced his upper fillings.  his lower fillings were replaced subsequently.

The photograph on the left shows the teeth with the fillings removed.


This 15 year old had fractured his two front teeth a few years earlier.  His right central incisor had a root canal therapy completed at the time of the accident.  His teeth had been bonded as an interim measure until the root development was completed.   The bonding was now wearing out. 

We decided to repair the right central incisor with a porcelain laminate and bond the left central incisor with composite resin.   You will  easily notice the difference in these two materials.  The laminate is shiny and smooth while the bonding is duller when dry.  The final color matches are similar.  The only change I would make in this case is to slightly reshape the inner corner of the bonding to be more symmetrical.